Galion Board of Health Special Meeting

1. Call to Order


Time meeting called to order:__________.

2. Approval of the Agenda


Motion to approve the agenda for November 23, 2021 as presented by: _______________ Second by: _______________ Abstentions: _______________
Roll Call Vote Needed
Burgin_____  Moran_____  Sterling_____  Wildenthaler_____  Yocum_____             
Passed          Failed

3. Jason McBride / Health Commissioner Interview Discussion

4. Approval or Denial of Job Offer to Jason McBride

5. First Reading of the Environmental Health Fees

6. Adjournment


Motion to Adjourn by: _______________ Second by: _______________ Abstentions: _______________
Voice Vote Needed
Passed          Failed
Time meeting adjourned: __________.